Martha J. Little, M.D., D.Ph.

Office Policy


Dr. Little does not contract with any insurance companies despite what might be suggested by various internet sites.  However, a statement will be provided for each visit which can be used to submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement.  Additionally, the office manager can provide an annual summary for tax purposes at your request.

Dr. Little does not accept Medicaid or Medicare.   Medicare patients must sign an acknowledgement that neither Medicare nor supplemental insurances will be billed by the office and cannot be billed by the patient.  The patient is responsible for full fee.  However, as of 1/1/2012, Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance policies allow prescriptions and laboratory studies to be covered when prescribed by non-participating physicians.


Payment is required at the time of the visit in the form of a check or cash.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.  Should you do online banking, a system is available to have a check sent to the office by those programs. 

Forms, letters, and insurance prior authorizations

It is recommended that all paperwork that needs completion be presented at the start of a session.  Otherwise, completion will depend upon Dr. Little’s available after hours schedule and will be billed at her office rate based on time needed to complete the task.  As a courtesy, time expended by the office manager will not be billed separately.  All forms should be as complete as possible prior to turning over for Dr. Little’s portion.  Releases must be completed for forms to be forwarded directly to their recipients if other than patients or guardians.

Contact with school officials and other therapists will be billed only when repeated calls become necessary, contact extends beyond 15 minutes, or scheduled conferences with professionals and families are specifically arranged.  


After an original prescription for a new medication is provided a specified return visit is recommended due to the nature of each medication and expected adjustment periods.  All new medications will need adjustment for the individual to receive maximal benefit and avoid unnecessary side effects.  Failure to return as advised constitutes self-treatment and is deemed to be against medical advice.

Prescriptions will be refilled during scheduled appointments.  When patients are receiving medications requiring “hard copy” prescriptions (primarily stimulants) before a recommended appointment, please call the office several days ahead to allow two business days to get the prescription in the mail or available for pickup.  

Please refer to coverage information available during Dr. Little’s absences and weekends for directions about emergency prescription refills when Dr. Little is not in the office or on call.  Emergency prescriptions will be provided only for the weekend or absence period due to acceptable medical standards of practice.

Prescription Refills

Please make every effort to bring prescription needs to appointments.  Prescription refills are generally provided to extend to the next recommended appointment. 

Missed appointments

All appointments with Dr. Little require 30 or more minutes to be set aside for each patient.  Should an appointment be missed without being cancelled with or greater than one full business day of notice, a 50% fee will be billed.  Many psychiatrists and therapists charge full fee, but Dr. Little does accomplish other work during these times so she feels that you and she will split the financial loss.  Insurance will not reimburse you for missed appointments.  Patients will not be charged for confirmed emergency cancellations.  Should a regular pattern exist of failed appointments, alternative plans will be discussed including the option of selecting another psychiatrist.

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