Martha J. Little, M.D., D.Ph.


Psychiatric conditions frequently treated by Dr. Little include, but are not limited to:

Generalized Anxiety
Bipolar disorder
Tourette's Syndrome
Panic attacks
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Selective Mutism

Coverage for Weekends and holidays

Psychiatric coverage for Dr. Little will be provided by a physician fully trained with a general psychiatry residency as well as a child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship.  The individual on call and the proper telephone contact information will be provided on the office telephone message system. 

Please call the office for directions to contact the on call physician.  The office voice mail will not be monitored during these coverage times.  

Additionally, Dr. Little will not be responding to calls during these coverage times.

Office Voice Mail

Regarding calls for prescription refills, physicians covering may provide only a limited supply of medication to cover until Dr. Little is available to respond.  This is particularly true when the prescriptions are for controlled substances. 

Please provide your telephone number, the date of birth of the patient, and a pharmacy previously used for the particular prescription to the on call physician to confirm your medication and dosage.

Telephone Contacts with Patients or Family

Diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders by telephone is, by nature, suboptimal and fraught with potential problems.  Brief contacts may, however, be very helpful to a patient.   All brief telephone contacts of 5 minutes or less will be provided as a courtesy. 

Extended and unscheduled telephone contacts are avoided as:

-Few insurances will reimburse for these, especially when out of network
-They occur after regular work hours and abuse the intent of quick response questions and the physician's private life. 
-Phone contacts do not replace in-office observation, examination and documentation which is appropriate for good medical care.  

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